Monday, 29 March 2010

Childrens Outlook

Us adults could learn a thing or two from our little ones. I think we sometimes have to just listen and watch a little more, not what they do and say, but observe their reactions and why they say the things they do.

My little girl was having such fun wheeing down our local playgrounds slide, a bursting beam on her face - fully enjoying the moment. It made me realise. I need to stop multi-tasking so much and just envelop myself in the moment more, the enjoyable moments.

Also, after she just finished telling me that, ' I was a good girl for standing away from the slide and explaining to me that the rungs were made out of metal, I asked her if she was going to be a teacher when she grew up. Her reply was priceless. 'mmm, yes....and a fairy!'
All options open, no holds barred!

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Baby toys for Preschoolers

It is my wee daughters 3rd birthday in a months time so I am on the hunt for presents. She wants toys, not clothes. A scooter, like her friend Amelia’s and it has to be red.

Searching for toys started me thinking. Many toys that are aimed at 6 months and above look babyish but their functionality is actually aimed at the older toddler or preschooler. Any mother of a toddler knows that counting and learning letters are learnt properly from 2+ and the alphabet is not learnt until around 4 years old.

A friend of a nearly 4 year old absolutely adores her Fisher Price Laugh and Learn Teaset. It’s recommended age is 6 months+, so most mums of children over 2 years would actually by pass it. Yet, it is preschoolers who are all into imaginary play and organising tea parties with their teddy bears. So it is ideal. I am sure the people at Fisher Price are trying to capture their eager market early on but by doing so are actually missing out on their captive market.

Our children grow up soon enough so fun toys are in my little ones birthday basket.

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Trolley dash with Pooh!

I do find the time to do a supermarket shop sometimes (thank goodness for the Co-op the rest of the time!). I often forgo the Internet shop, as I like my hot chickens and fresh veg, and venture to Morrisons with daughter in tow.
Now my daughter uses her trolley time to eat and drink as much as she can during the aisle dashing. Fine by me as it keeps her occupied! Her menu is often - pasta from salad bar - bun - Organix crisps and drink. However now she is spotting her favourite characters on goodies her menu is becoming more specific. I am now feeling the effects of pester power from a nearly 3 year old! She wants Winnie the Pooh blackcurrant juice, Peppa Pig Easter Egg and Scooby Doo biscuits. The visual power of these characters persuades many a mum to put, normally by passed products into their trolley. Katie even persuaded me to buy Winne the Pooh kitchen towel, twice the price, but she wanted Pooh to soak up her spilt juice! I wanted an easy life!